• GM Innovative Philosophy

HR theory

“HR” theory guides the construction of Harmonious Relations of the company and employees

“H” for home, “R” for responsibility.

Responsibility of the enterprise: to build a platform to create a home for everyone to live, develop, achieve, love, care and win the future.

The responsibility of employees is the value creation. It is also the application of quantitative decision-making to find a balance between corporate responsibility and employee performance value creation.

PM theory

“PM” theory guides enterprises to develop the concept of dual drive

P for product, i.e. product driven,

M for marketing, i.e. market driven.

The product carries out the strategy of high-quality products and the market carries out the strategy of internationalization. We should grasp both sides of the product market.

4P theory

“4P” theory guides talent management

Protection means to protect talents, protect health, treatment and appreciation;

Pressure means to put pressure on talents and activate talents’ vitality (including extreme pressure);

Productive means to strengthen results oriented thinking and quantitative decision-making;

Potential means to explore employees’ potential, give employees hope and give enterprises hope.

4P + 4T theory

“4P + 4T” theory guidance to build excellent management team


Productive — effective result output;

Passionate — passionate and energetic;

Precise — pursuit of craftsman spirit, keep improving, and ensure the output of high-quality products;


Targetting — responsibility, clear goal;

Timing — focus on the output of work nodes;

Tenacity — healthy temperament, easy to communicate.

IDSP theory

“IDSP” theory guide recruitment

Integrity — honesty and integrity, nice;

Desire — eager to protect their lives through their own efforts;

Smart — know how to effectively complete the work;

Poor background — eager for a better life, able to be down-to-earth, hard work.

ESP theory

Selection of management talents under the guidance of “ESP” theory

Education, systematic and formal education background;

Smart, quick thinking;

Professional, with systematic and comprehensive knowledge structure to support its professional implementation.

Five senses construction of Enterprise Talents

Five senses theory

Five senses construction of Enterprise Talents:

Sense of responsibility, sense of honor, sense of ceremony, sense of achievement, sense of gain.

4K theory

“4K” theory to build an enabling and learning organizational structure

Keep Learning, continuous learning;

Keep Thinking, continuous thinking and reflection, shining due to ideas;

Keep Innovating, continuous innovation;

Keep Empowering Customers, continuous empowerment for customers.

Rshe theory

“Rshe” theory defines enterprise positioning

Reasonable price;

Sustainable partnership, to build a strategic partner for sustainable cooperation;

High quality, to ensure excellent quality, excellent output;

Exceptional service, to provide excellent professional services to global customers.

3C thinking theory

3C three dimensional strategic thinking




360 degree all-round analysis company, competitor, target customer. Make 360 portraits of enterprise status, competitive situation, customer demand, pain point, excitement point, and sustainable value matching point, and make corresponding enterprise development strategies from all aspects.

SVS + lead + 6S theory

“SVS + lead + 6S” theory guides enterprise customer relationship management


Success, empowering customers’ success must be the core of all our strategic pursuits;
Value, continuously creating value for global customers;
Service, providing one-stop service of the best quality for global customers;


Listen, attentively listening to customers’ needs;
Empathize, be compassionate and think about customers’ thoughts from customers’ standpoint;
Apologize, for customers caused by our faults We should sincerely apologize for the troubles and losses, make reasonable compensation, be brave to take the responsibility, and never fail to speak out;
Delight, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.


Speed, fast response to customers’ requirements;
Smart, quick thinking, professional interaction with customers;
Sincerely, honesty based;
Simple, output simple results to respond to customers’ needs;
Surprise, return to customers exceeds customers’ expectations;
Sustainable, pursue long-term and sustainable strategic partnership, and provide our products and services on this basis


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