Thanks from the city of Krefeld, Germany

Published by Krefeld Economic Promotion Bureau

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, masks are particularly important prevention products during this epidemic period. Compared with the past, everyone is used to seeing people wearing masks in public places in Germany, and now wearing a mask has also become a sign of mutual safety.

Recently, two Chinese companies donated a large number of protective masks to our city through the Krefeld Economic Promotion Bureau in support of the city’s anti-epidemic work.

One of them is Young Sun Pack Germany GmbH, based in Hangzhou, China, it’s a well-known enterprise in the field of intelligent packaging equipment systems. The company donated 10,000 masks to our city to meet the daily needs of major public facilities.

The other one is PowerFirst Technology Co., Ltd, based in Shenzhen, China, it’s a well-known company in the field of battery charger and the company setup Germany branch in 2020. PowerFirst donated 600 KN95 protective masks to provide safety protection for Krefeld’s frontline medical personnel.

Mr. Star Huang, the sponsor and the CEO of Powerfirst, lives in Krefeld. He hopes to express his concern for the city of Krefeld and inseparable connections with Krefeld through donations; on the other hand, this kind act also reflects a sense of corporate social responsibility.

We once again thank the two companies for their assistance to the city of Krefeld!

Mis Ricarda Stamms

Krefeld Economic Promotion Bureau

July, 6, 2020

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